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SUCCEED ENERGY™ is a unique natural metabolic formula that decreases appetite, stimulates thermogenic fat burning, increases metabolic energy, improves lean body mass and enhances athletic performance.*


  • Decreases appetite
  • Stimulates fat burning
  • Increases metabolic rate
  • Accelerates removal of stored fat
  • Enhances energy production
  • builds bones
  • boosts testosterone

The key ingredient in SUCCEED ENERGY™ is KINETIQ a unique patented extract from citrus fruit (Citrus aurantium). For thousands of years, Citrus aurantium, also known as Zhi shi, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat various health conditions without any reported adverse reactions. It is the first natural product to be discovered that works as effectively as Ephedra (Ma Huang) to turn on fat burning without over stimulating the central nervous system or causing potentially harmful cardiovascular side effects.

* The following structure/function claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The key to the safety and effectiveness of KINETIQ is its ability to stimulate the fat cell receptors that are responsible for increasing the rate at which fat is released from body stores (lipolysis) and its ability to increase the body’s resting metabolic rate (thermogenesis), without stimulating the receptors which can increase the heart rate and blood pressure.

KINETIQ activates beta-3 receptors almost exclusively (rather than beta-1 and 2, or alpha 1 and 2 receptors) on the fat cells to turn on fat burning. This enables the body to accelerate the removal of unwanted fat stores without causing you to feel hyped-up or jittery. In addition, during aerobic exercise, the resulting release of free fatty acids boosts the body’s energy and physical performance. Finally, when it is used with a high protein supplement, moderate weight training and an aerobic exercise program, KINETIQ™ increases the availability of amino acids which can then be incorporated into building lean muscle mass.

KINETIQ is the only patented Citrus aurantium extract for weight loss and physical performance on the market today. It is a safe and effective alternative to potentially harmful stimulants and prescription weight loss and body building drugs that have been shown to be associated with serious side effects.

ForsLean® is another patented ingredient in SUCCEED ENERGY™ that works syneristically with KINETIQ™ to boost your metabaolism. ForsLean® is an extract from the Indian herb Coleus forskohlii, a member of the mint family that has been used for centuries as a spice in East Indian diets. ForsLean® activates enzymes in the fat cells that break down stored fats and causes them to be released from the fat cells. Additionally, ForsLean® prevents the typical decrease in responsiveness of the fat burning receptors that usually occurs with aging. The remarkable benefits of ForsLean® improve body composition by increasing lean body mass and reducing fat deposits.

In a Clinical Trial published in Obesity Research, Forskolin was shown to promote favorable changes in body composition by significantly decreasing body fat percentage (BF%) and fat mass (FM) compared with placebo.

  1. Forskolin administration resulted in a positive improvement in bone density for the 12-week trial compared with the placebo group.
  2. There was a trend toward a significant increase for lean body mass in the Forskolin group compared with the placebo group.
  3. Serum free testosterone levels were significantly increased in the Forskolin group compared with the placebo group. The change in serum total testosterone concentration increased 16.77 in the Forskolin group compared with a decrease of 1.08 in the placebo group.

Another reason many people are unable to lose weight is because of a sluggish metabolism. Although their thyroid hormone level may be within the “average” range, it may be too low to activate the fat burning receptors. Taking Forskolin has been shown to help to overcome this sluggish thyroid state.

L-Tyrosine is an essential amino acid that is converted by the body into Epinephrine, the chemical messenger that stimulates fat metabolism. Epinephrine stimulates fat cells throughout the body to burn fat. Vitamins B6, B12, and Folic Acid are required as essential cofactors necessary for the conversion of L-Tyrosine into Epinephrine and the stimulation of the fat burning receptors. 

Finally, Paullinia cupana (Guarana) is mainly grown in a small area in northern Brazil . Guaraná gum or paste is derived from the seeds. The indigenous people of the Amazon rain forest used crushed guaraná seed as a beverage and a medicine. Guaraná stimulates the central nervous system, which increases the metabolic rate and thermogenesis. Guaraná increases energy and weight loss by keeping the fat burning chemical pathway active in the fat cell for prolonged periods of time.

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Other Ingredients: VCaps Vegetarian Capsules

KINETIQ is a Trademark of Novel Ingredients, LLC

Forslean® is a Registered Trademark of Sabinsa Corporation. U.S. Patent # 5,804,596.